Pranaflow & Live music

Dimanche 22 octobre
Heure de début: 
Durée : 
50 minutes
Espace Central
Tout public
Intervenant 2: 
Intervenant 2: 

BODY PRAYER: A Prana Vinyasa Flow® inspired journey through the 5 elements

Come and join this mind-heart-opening & fun flow including practices for all five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space as well as elemental namaskars, Kriya, Mudra Vinyasa, Mantra Sadhana, Inquiry and Movement Meditation

Our practice not only supports deeper understanding of our physical body but can also be a catalyst for touching our heart, essence and authentic joyous Being.

Moving through the 5 elements, we can create a solid foundation allowing us to feel the inter-connectedness of things and us being part of this web of existence with infinite possibilities to be in the world.

Becoming aware of the voices that hold us back and restrict our free expression, we are able to make more intelligent and integrated choices for honest and joyful living.

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